GRDSCH 630B Course Information

GRDSCH 630B: Active Learning for Engineering Education

Course Information, Spring 2002

  1. The final reflection is posted here. Feel free to work on this ahead of class on 6/5 if you think you might want more than 20 minutes to work on it. This reflection is more for you than me since it should summarize your experience in this course.
  2. Reminder: Submit an annotated web link for at least one course topic. Find a website or reference that is either informative or a good or bad example of one topic. Briefly explain why and how it is useful and email it to me.
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Course description:
This section of GRDSCH 630, Special Topics in University Teaching, is a 2 credit course on active learning in engineering education. It is meant for graduate students with TA experience who wish to learn more about teaching. The structure will be more like a seminar than a lecture course. Active learning methods will be used to illustrate the methods. Students can expect to spend some time leading the class or small groups in exercises.

Prerequisites: Engineering/Computer Science TA experience

Instructor: Rebecca Bates (
Office: New EE Bldg, Rm 203

Course Hours: Wednesday 9:30-11:20, Johnson 437

Office Hours:
EE1 205 F 2-3:30
Electronic Tuesday, Thursday 4:30-5:00
Electronic office hours are guaranteed times when I will check EPost and respond to any new queries.

Course materials:
Required Text:
There is no required text for this course. Teaching tips (11th ed.), W. McKeachie, Houghton Mifflin, 2001, and Tools for Teaching, Barbara Gross Davis, The Jossey-Bass Higher and Adult Education Series, 1993, are recommended texts you might find useful. Readings will be available on the web or through the CIDR library or on reserve for copying purposes at the Engineering Library. Other suggested books will also be listed.
Course syllabus: html version of annotated schedule. This includes links to most of the readings and will change as links are submitted by class members.
Class topic schedule: PS version; PDF version

Course goals:
This course introduces graduate students with some teaching experience to education theory and methods. It is hoped that students will be able to use their own experience to come to a deeper understanding of teaching methods introduced in the course. Students who complete this course should expect to:

Course objectives:
Given the goals for the class, students in the class came up with possible objectives to show how the course goals might be met. Along with the course activities already planned in the class schedule, some of the suggested objectives will be incorporated into the class. The suggestions are here and include a list of incorporated objectives.

Grading Policy:
The class is offered credit/no credit. Credit will be given to people who regularly show up to class and participate in class activities. There will be some work to be done outside of class in order to participate well in class. Participation will involve both speaking and attentive listening during class as well as taking on assigned group roles in small group activities.

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