GRDSCH630 Faculty Questions

Questions for Faculty

Active Learning for Engineering Education
Spring 2002

You will probably find that you need to be a little flexible in how you ask questions. You may want to plan to describe why you are doing this. It may be helpful to point out that other people are being asked the same questions. If you have time, you may want to ask if your interviewee has any advice for you or ask one of the questions your group came up with. I hope your conversation is enjoyable. You should ask the questions in bold (questions alone are here).

  1. How did you become interested in teaching?
  2. Tell me about your students.
    You may want to phrase this as a question (Can you tell me...) You can follow up with questions about backgrounds, perparation, priorities, learning styles, etc. if that is helpful
  3. How do you engage students?
    You can include questions about learning styles here.
  4. How do you figure out what concepts are troubling for students and what concepts they understand?
    You can differentiate between during class time and during homework or exam time.
  5. How do I get started?
    This is the question we want answered but I'm not sure it is specific enough to be useful on its own. For those of you without full class teaching experience, I suggest asking:
    How to do you prepare to teach a class for the first time?
    People who have taught a class already may want to ask the following (which would be good follow-up for the first part):
    What resources do you draw upon when teaching a class for the first time? What kind of support is there for your teaching within the department, college, university?

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