GRDSCH630 Week 6 Reflection Answers

Week 6 Reflection Answers

Active Learning for Engineering Education
Spring 2002

Briefly, what good is in-class assessment for your students?

  1. In-class assessment can be good for my students if it helps me understand how to better help them learn. It can also be good if it helps them reflect on the material and how I am trying to help them learn it.
  2. It can help students grasp concepts in a different way by making them think about them reflectively. It helps me and the class time be a more useful resource to them by getting the feedback.
  3. It is good for determining what thte student's point of view is, and what they have difficulty understanding. When used properly, the instructor can change the class to facilitate better student learning.
  4. It is good for the students to see where they are in a "low risk" setting. Often students don't know they have obstacles until tested. In-class assessment is most valuable when time is taken to give feedback on the exercise.
  5. It gives the students another communication channel to the instructor in a non-threatening way, gives students the opportunity to reflect on the material, and gives students the opportunity to reflect on their own learning.
  6. It is good for students because it gives them a chance to pause and reflect on their learning and/or synthesize ideas. It's also a "safe", no-pressure way for them to give the instructor feedback about how things are going.
  7. It helps identify aspects of teaching that work well or need improvement.
  8. It helps students get a feeling of direct control over teaching and the class experience. It gives practice at metacognition and self-assessment. It forces engagement with the class.
  9. It allows the instructor to assess the students without them thinking that their outside class time is being wasted. Of course, it can look like a waste of class time if done wrong.