Jeremy Gillmor Kahn

Jeremy has completed his Ph.D. He lives in San Francisco now, and still works in speech and language technology.

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Graduate Research Assistant

Ph.D. student, University of Washington, Department of Linguistics

I am a Ph.D. student in Linguistics at the University of Washington, Seattle who spent several years programming speech technology (especially speech synthesis and speech recognition).

My primary interests are in Computational Linguistics. I am a member of the UW Computational Linguistics lab and an occasional visitor at the UW Linguistic Phonetics Lab. I am a contributor and attendee at the UW EE Machine Translation Reading Group.

My research and employment are in the SSLI lab in the UW Electrical Engineering department.

I know a lot about Perl and have been learning bits and pieces of Python and C++. I am a big fan of open source and Free software. I use a Debian laptop for my day-to-day work when I'm not in the lab.


My current research is on syntax, prosody, and their relationship, especially in the form of improving implemented parsers over transcripts (e.g. automatic transcripts) of spoken language.

My advisor is Mari Ostendorf. I also get frequent advice and encouragement from Emily M. Bender and Richard A. Wright.

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