Mari Ostendorf

Mari Ostendorf

Professor, Electrical Engineering

B.S., 1980, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

M.S., 1981, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

Ph.D., 1985, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

Prof. Ostendorf, an alumna of the Stanford Signal Compression and Classification Group, joined the University of Washington in September 1999. Previously, she was in the Speech Signal Processing Group at BBN Laboratories (1985-1986), and at Boston University on the faculty of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (1987-1999). You can find links to theses from her graduate students of that period here. In 1995, she was a visiting researcher at the ATR Interpreting Telecommunications Laboratory in Japan, and in 2005-2006, she is a Visiting Professor at the University of Karlsruhe. She teaches undergraduate courses in circuits and signals and systems, and graduate courses on various topics related to statistical signal processing. Prof. Ostendorf is a fellow of IEEE and a member of SWE, ASA and Sigma Xi. She has served on numerous technical and advisory committees. Contact information


Courses Taught:

For sample student work in EE299 and EE341, click here.


Prof. Ostendorf's research interests include data compression and statistical pattern recognition, particularly in speech processing applications. Her recent work includes segment-based acoustic modeling for spontaneous speech recognition, dynamic pronunciation modeling dependence modeling for adaptation, use of out-of-domain data and discourse structure in language modeling, and stochastic models of prosody for both recognition and synthesis. She has published over 200 papers on various problems in speech and language processing. She works in the Signal, Speech and Language Interpretation Laboratory, where both undergraduate and graduate students are involved in a variety of research projects related to these problems.

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