Mei Yang


Graduate Research Assistant

June 2004 - present, Ph.D candidate, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Washington

September 1999 - July 2003, B.S. Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University

I grew up in Hunan and went to Beijing for my college school in Electronic Engineering at Tsinghua University. Currently I'm working as research assistant in SSLI under Professor Katrin Kirchhoff. Before coming to Seattle, I'd been working in Shanghai Jade Technologies CO., Ltd as software programmer on embedded systems and video compression.

Research Interests

Statistical machine translation, statistical language modeling, natural language processing, and machine learning


M. Yang, J. Zheng, and A. Kathol, "A Semi-Supervised Learning Approach for Morpheme Segmentation for An Arabic Dialect", Proceedings of Interspeech, 2007 (pdf)

K. Kirchhoff and M. Yang, "The University of Washington Machine Translation System for the IWSLT 2007 Competition", Proceedings of IWSLT, 2007 (pdf)

K. Kirchhoff, M. Yang and K. Duh, "Machine Translation of Parliamentary Proceedings Using Morpho-Syntactic Knowledge", Proceedings of the TC-STAR Workshop on Speech-to-Speech Translation, 2006 (pdf)

M. Yang and K. Kirchhoff, "Phrase-Based Backoff Models for Machine Translation of Highly Inflected Languages", Proceedings of EACL, 2006 (pdf)

K. Kirchhoff and M. Yang, "Improved Language Modeling for Statistical Machine Translation", Proceedings of the ACL Workshop on Building and Using Parallel Texts, 2005 (pdf)

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