Mei-Yuh Hwang (黃美玉)
The Signal, Speech and Language Interpretation Lab
Electrical Engineering Department
University of Washington (UW)
mhwang AT ee dot washington dot edu

After 4 years of break, Mei-Yuh returns to Microsoft in April 2008, as a Principal NLP Scientist. She was one of the core scientists during 2008-2012 in developing Bing Translation, while serving as an affiliate professor at UW. In addition to translations between 40 languages, it also offers a fun English paraphraser. MTHub further provides a cloud platform for customers to build their own special translators. She is now leading Microsoft's natural language understanding in Asia.

Mei-Yuh worked at the SSLI Lab during 2004-2008, mainly responsible for leading the Mandarin speech recognition (SR) team using SRI Decipher engine. Her team won the best Mandarin SR system in the GALE project in 2007. Here is the IEEE journal paper that describes all the key technologies deployed in the system.

Before UW, she enjoyed 10 years at Microsoft, where she contributed to both research and product development which included the Whisper dictation system, Microsoft Speech API, Office XP English/Mandarin/Japanese dictation and Speech Server. She is familiar with SPHINX, CMU-LM Toolkit, SRILM Toolkit, HTK, and SRI Decipher speech engines.

Mei-Yuh obtained her PhD in Computer Science from CMU in December 1993, supervised by Raj Reddy, Kai-Fu Lee, and Xuedong Huang, learned and contributed to the CMU SPHINX generations. Her main interests lie in pattern recognition (especially speech and handwriting recognition), statistical modeling, heuristic search, machine translation, entity extraction, discrete math and algorithms. She has published many conference and journal papers and currently serves as an associated editor for IEEE transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, and a reviewer for Computer Speech and Language and Speech Communication. She is a senior member of IEEE.

Research Projects at SSLI