Mobvoi AI Lab

Seattle is chosen as the location of Mobvoi AI Lab, to be immersed in the forefront of AI technology.

The lab is responsible for pushing Mobvoi technology forward. We work with several universities in both Asia and U.S. on innovation and academic publications in the top international conferences, in speech and NLP technologies. Our scientists are also talented developers who deliver product-level codes for our business and clients. Our technologies are driven by industry needs and standards, not just academic benchmarks.

Additionally we are actively expanding language coverage from Mandarin to others, such as Taiwan-accented Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. We have also started building German and Korean IoT services.

Github contributions

Please visit for the list of our github projects, including pybind11 branch for pykaldi.


Dr. Mei-Yuh Hwang, a long-time speech veteran and an IEEE fellow. She was the director for the lab between 6/2016-3/2020.

A Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University, Mei-Yuh has built various speech recognition systems for many languages, both for DARPA researches (Resource Management, Wall Street Journal, ATIS, EARS, GALE) and for industry products (Microsoft Speech API, Cortana, and Skype speech-to-speech translation). She has gained extensive linguistic knowledge across many languages, via her experiences in Bing machine translation. She accumulated a deep understanding of Cortana NLP, in Mandarin, French, Italian, German and Spanish. She is a rare talent combining speech recognition, NLP, and linguistics in many languages.

Additional scientists are located in Beijing, Suzhou and Taipei. The teams work together while each site has its own focus:


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