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  1. An end-to-end approach for handling unknown slot values in dialogue state tracking, ACL 2018
  2. Domain adversarial training for accented speech recognition, ICASSP 2018
  3. Data augmentation with adversarial examples for robust speech recognition, Interspeech 2018
  4. A probability weighted beamformer for noise robust ASR Interspeech 2018
  5. Source-critical reinforcement learning for transferring spoken language understanding to a new language, COLING 2018
  6. A robust nonlinear microphone array postfilter for noise reduction, IWAENC 2018
  7. A teacher-student framework for maintainable dialog manager, EMNLP 2018
  8. Multiple Beamformers with Rover for the CHiME-5 Challenge, Chime5 Workshop 2018.

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