SSLI Lab People

Current Members

Faculty (back to top)
Name Title Office
Mari Ostendorf Professor EEB 215D
Jeff Bilmes Professor EEB 418
Katrin Kirchhoff Research Associate Professor EEB M422
Graduate Researchers (back to top)
Name Research Topic Adv. Dept.
Amittai Axelrod Machine translation EE
Sangyun Hahn Semi-supervised learning for speech acts MO CSE
Brian Hutchinson Low rank methods for speech and language processing MO EE
Hui Lin Submodularity in natural language processing JB EE
Anna Margolis Domain adaptation for annotati on of structure in spoken language MO EE
Marius Alex Marin Language model adaptation MO EE
Julie Medero Natural language simplification MO EE
Nicole Nichols Acoustic population estimates of marine mammals via speaker identification MO EE
Wei Wu Graph-Based Active learning for NLP MO EE
Mei Yang Language modeling and statistical machine translation KK EE
Bin Zhang Learning lexical cues for automatic conversation analysis MO EE
Undergraduate Researchers (back to top)
Name Research Topic Dept.
Lois Kim Text Simplification Linguistics
Staff (back to top)
Name Title Office
Andrei Stabrovski Manager of Program Operations EEB M454
Lee Damon Senior Computer Specialist/Systems Administrator EEB

Former Students and Visitors

PhD Graduates (back to top)
Name Affiliation Degree
Jeremy Kahn Now at Wordnik PhD Ling 10
Jon Malkin Now at Yahoo! PhD EE 09
Sheila Reynolds Now at the Institute for Systems Biology PhD EE 09
Gang Ji Now at Google PhD EE 09
Kevin Duh Now Assistant Professor at Nara Inst. of Science and Technology PhD EE 09
Amar Subramanya Now at Google PhD EE 09
Andrei Alexandrescu Now at Facebook PhD CSE 09
Chris Bartels Now at Yahoo! PhD EE 08
Scott Otterson PhD EE 08
Dustin Hillard Now at Microsoft PhD EE 08
Sarah (Schwarm) Petersen Now at MITACS PhD CSE 07
Karim Filali Now at Yahoo! Research PhD CSE 07
Arindam Mandal Now at SRI International PhD EE 07
Mukund Narasimhan Now at Microsoft Live Labs PhD EE 07
Xiao Li Now at Facebook PhD EE 07
Xin Lei Now at Google PhD EE 06
Costas Boulis Now at Medio Systems, Inc. PhD EE 05
Ozgur Cetin Now at Morgan Stanley PhD EE 04
Chia-ping Chen Now Assistant Professor at National Sun Yat-Sen University PhD EE 04
Becky Bates Now Associate Professor at Minnesota State University, Mankato PhD EE 04
Ivan Bulyko Now at BBN PhD EE 02
David Palmer Now at Virage PhD EE 01
Randall Fish Now Professor of Engineering at Messiah College PhD EE 01
Izhak Shafran Now Assistant Professor at OGI/OHSU PhD EE 01
Masters Graduates (back to top)
Name Degree
Alex Stupakov MS EE 09
Amy Dashiell MS EE 09
Bill McNeill MA Ling 06
Jay Kim MS EE 04
Steve Juranich MS EE 03
Sonia Parandekar MS EE 03
Brian Widmer MS EE 01
Former Visiting Researchers (back to top)
Name Affiliation Time
Makoto Terao NEC 2010
Qianhua He Professor, South China University of Technology
Mei-Yuh Hwang Principal RSDE Lead, MSR Redmond
Gang Peng 2006-07
Takahiro Shinozaki Now at Kyoto University 2004-06
Franz Pernkopf Now Assistant Professor at Graz University of Technology, Austria 2003-04
Tim Ng MS candidate of HKUST, now at BBN
Harriet Nock 2001
Manhung Siu 2000, 03
Kirk Jackson 2000
Geoff Zweig 2001