Welcome to the SSLI Lab

The University of Washington, Seattle is home to a broad community of speech and language research, within which the Signal, Speech and Language Interpretation (SSLI) Lab is a cornerstone of the technology efforts. The lab was founded in 1999 and currently supports a group of 3 faculty and about 12 graduate students engaged in solving the challenging problems in speech and language technology and general signal interpretation.

We are located on the second floor of the Electrical Engineering building (EEB) in room 215.

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We seek students with backgrounds in electrical engineering, computer science or linguistics, with an interest to learn about the other disciplines. Students can expect to develop expertise in a wide variety of statistical modeling techniques as well as software and systems engineering skills. They also have access to courses and potential collaborations with faculty in related departments on campus, including EE, CSE, Statistics, Linguistics, and Speech and Hearing Sciences. We place a high value on oral and written communication skills, and students have the opportunity to give presentations in lab seminars as well as at international conferences. Many students take a summer or a term in the academic year to do internships at leading research labs. SSLI graduates have taken positions in industry as well as academia, depending on their career goals and interests.


The SSLI lab is supported by a 450 core compute cluster and 7 file servers. Efficient job scheduling is based on condor. We provide standard language, speech and signal processing tools, as well as develop our own, including GMTK.